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At Cosmic Production DJ Agency, we embark on an enchanting journey in the world of music. Our commitment to delivering exceptional DJ and band experiences through our DJ Agency in Croatia is not just secure and reliable; it’s an artistic revelation.

Within our roster, you’ll discover a league of professional and devoted DJs and producers. Cosmic Production DJ Agency meticulously orchestrates the booking process and event management, ensuring your musical desires find their perfect match.

Our influence stretches across the European and Croatian landscapes. Over five years, we have unearthed captivating narratives from the talents of Croatia, the Balkan region, and Europe, offering comprehensive DJ booking services in Croatia. These tales come to life in the form of summer tours and mesmerizing hostings, including wedding DJ packages in Croatia and event DJ services in Croatia, all presented to our cherished partners.

Join us in exploring Cosmic Production’s treasure trove of international and Croatian DJs, where the magic of music knows no bounds. Discover the harmonious fusion of DJ Agency Croatia and the world of music.

Cosmic Production DJ Agency


Croatian and International DJ’s

Cosmic Production DJ Agencija - Naši Izvođači - DJ Matthew Bee

DJ Matthew Bee (HR)

DJ Matthew Bee, a Jazz and Music enthusiast, creates unforgettable moments at events worldwide. His diverse music styles like Jazz, Soulful House, and more set the perfect tone for any occasion, leaving a lasting impact.

Cosmic Production DJ Agencija - Naši Izvođači - Music Selector

Music Selector (HR)

Meet Željko Maretić, the creative force behind Music Selector. With infectious humor and a passion for deep house tunes, he’s your go-to DJ for unforgettable performances that keep the party alive.

Cosmic Production DJ Agencija - Naši Izvođači - DJ Lomax

DJ Lomax (CH)

Lomax, a devoted Soulful House enthusiast, began DJing in the ’90s. His passion led to international recognition and the founding of HOUSECAFE, hosting successful Soulful House parties in Zurich. He’s also a producer and community supporter.

DJ Felipe Grande - Cosmic Production DJ Booking Agency Croatia

DJ Felipe Grande (HR)

Meet Felipe, the 24-year-old DJ/Producer from Croatia known for his unique Deep Tech sound. His music journey began at 18, taking him to Ireland, where he brings classic vibes to life, uniting audiences with his groovy beats.

DJ Fort George - Cosmic Production DJ Booking Agency Croatia

DJ Fort George (UK)

Meet DJ Fort George, originally known as DJ Shadowplay from the UK. He’s evolved from Drum and Bass to soulful sounds. With deep melodies and an upbeat style, he’s a prepared and original DJ who crafts memorable performances.

DJ Toni Tox - Cosmic Production DJ Booking Agency Croatia

Toni Tox (HR)

DJ Toni Tox, a lifelong music enthusiast, curates unforgettable musical experiences. With influences ranging from Elton John to Vini Vici, he brings versatile tunes to weddings, private events, and hotel terraces.

Cosmic Production DJ Agencija - Naši Izvođači - DJ Lleo

DJ Lleo (IT)

DJ Leo is introspective and attentive to details, he proposes in his musical sessions, melodies and rhythms that derive from a careful study of the surrounding atmosphere. Leo is resident in Armani Hotel Milano.

Cosmic Production DJ Agencija - Naši Izvođači - Fred Gentle Fred

Gentle Fred (BE)

Belgium Based DJ & producer Fred Gentle Fred has a deep love for house music, with great influences ranging from disco and funk which he incorporates into his DJ sets and production.

DJ Anna Blitz - Cosmic Production DJ Booking Agency Croatia

DJ Anna Blitz (HR)

Anna Blitz, inspired by electronic music legends like Jean-Michel Jarre, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, and Armin van Buuren, crafts musical stories that set moods and atmospheres. Her sets cover House, Deep House, Disco, and Funky music.

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