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Erasmus Internship Opportunities in Split Croatia


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We have heard only good feedback for Erasmus Interns coming to work and study abroad in Split Croatia so we decided to open our doors to this amazing opportunity. Proudly presenting 3 open positions for Erasmus students to come and get a taste of Cosmic Production and our work in the creative and hospitality industry.

Our internship program is currently ongoing and flexible in terms of duration with the options ranging from 1 to 6 monts of unpaid internships. To give you an idea of how the internship will be organized we have prepared a small list of potentials questions a potential intern might have. 

This list covers the basic information you need to know before diving deeper into the opportunities and we welcome any additional questions from you that will help both newcomers and current interns. 

Our project started 5 years ago with the mission to create top quality DJ events, produce amazing content and bring the level of service to a new level in our local community and market.

We are a small family business with the idea to grow slowly and organically and are always welcoming of fresh ideas and people. We deal with high class venues which proved to be the best market fit for our services and products. 

Read the questions below

Where is the internship taking place?

We are located in Split, Croatia. On the sunny Adriatic coastline of Dalmatia, in a town known for its cozy atmosphere and slow living.

Where can I find accomodation for the duration of the internship?

We can offer a discount on some apartments in Split, but the choice is on you where you will spend your time and budget. In the summer months housing can become hard to come by and more expensive.

Is it possible to extend the internship period?

Yes but this is a case-by-case situation, it’s best to communicate with us your possibilities of arrival and duration so we can give you the best idea of feasability of long-term stay and work.

How much work is required for an internship?

Our work load varies from day-to-day but as a part-time intern your total hours per week are between 20-30. Depending on your work experience we can give you more work but only after careful consideration of your skills as we cannot guarantee more work than possible to delegate to a intern position.

What is the working schedule?

As an intern you will be communicating with your supervisor every day with scheduled 1-on-1 time and at the end of your day to check-in either in-person or via phone/hangouts/zoom. Your 1-on-1 time will be where you will be instructed on what to do and the check-in time is to monitor your progress and remove any roadblocks.

What equipment will I use?

If you don’t have a personal laptop, you will use our Macbook Air. Working mobile phone with internet access is required for communication.

What if I don’t like my internship?

You are free to end your internship at any time but this will null the funds that were reserved for the internship of Erasmus. If you are unsure of your work skills we suggest to try out a 1-2 months internship and see how well you manage.

What about self-isolation when entering Croatia?

We cannot give a final answer as the situation changes and the rules for arriving in Croatia may change with time. We will give our best effort to find a suitable place if needed as well as help with logistics and testing if needed.

How to get to Croatia?

The option to take a low-budget airline to Zadar and then a 2h drive to Split by bus is probably the best option. Split airport is close to the city and if you arrive there we will arrange a pickup and transfer to your accommodation.

What documents do I need?

You need to check with your Erasmus representative and university to prepare any documentation you might need upon arrival such as Erasmus Learning Agreement.

What is Split like?

Split is a beautiful small coastal city, the urban centre of the Dalmatian county with many islands to explore. During the summer months the city is full of visitors and can get crowded in places. Recently became popular with digital nomads also.

Is the internship flexible?

Yes, please get in touch with us to check your options

What languange is used in the internship?

English language will be used in writing and verbal communication, you will also learn some basic Croatian language. People in Split generally understand and speak English very well since we’re so used to visitors arriving from all over the world.

Is Croatia safe?

Croatia is generally known to be a safe tourist destination, during the summer months you should be more careful with leaving your stuff on the beach unattended.

What does Cosmic Production get from internships?

We are always looking for creative and talented people to work with. Interns provide a fresh and young perspective and out of the box thinking when tackling ideas that we are already used to. Our company is built on knowledge and are always striving to improve ourselves and those around us. We are open to long-term collaborations after your internship so you can talk about it with us when the time comes.

Thank you for taking the time to read our small guide on Erasmus Internship in Croatia, here’s what is currently being offered via the Erasmus Platform for Cosmic Production’s Erasmus Internship Opportunities in Split Croatia:

Digital Marketing Internship

Video Production/Editing Internship

Content Writing Internship


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